From time to time, you may come across a pinned or a sponsored deal. These stay in a static place for a short period of time; this is done for various reasons, which we'll explain below, but largely it's to ensure our users don't miss out on important information or deals we think they'll want to see.

Pinned Deals

These can consist of Deals, Vouchers and Discussions and will sometimes be pinned in prominent places across the platform in order to ensure as many users see the information as possible. Sometimes, we'll pin discussions on the homepage as well, despite them not usually being a natural part of For You or Hot tabs - this is usually because it consists of important information but it can also be done on occasion to help users find specific threads. An example of this might be a roundup of stock updates for hard to find products. 

Pinned threads are usually static unless you choose to hide a specific pinned thread. They can appear anywhere on site, depending on user need.

Sponsored Deals

Sponsored threads are a little different to Pinned threads; Partners sometimes pay us to show their hottest deals to more people on our site. We use the "Sponsored" label so you can easily identify this kind of content.

Of course, despite these deals on site being part of a commercial arrangement, it is always up to the community to decide through the voting system whether a deal is hot enough to be promoted, and editors don't post any deals in the first place without being sure it is market-leading as well as meeting other quality criteria. 

These deals remain at fixed positions in our feed (eg, 3rd position on the Electronics page, or 6th position on the Highlights page). To avoid bombarding you multiple times with the same deal, we've set it so different deals can rotate to appear in these spaces at any time. So if you currently see a deal in one of these locations, chances are you'll see a different deal the next time you visit that same page.

To help you find out more about Sponsored Deals, we set up a dedicated information page.

If you need to speak to one of our on-site support teams, click here to message them.