Deals: The main event! Deals are what drive our community - from flash sales to seasonal clearances you’ll find a huge mix of content in our deal section. Take a look at the New deals for those offers that have just been discovered, Hot to see which are currently popular with the community in terms of votes. If you opt in for personalisation, the For You tab will show you deals based on your interests and browsing habits on our platform. 

Voucher Codes: This is where you’ll find the freshest codes for your favourite merchants so you can save even more money when you shop.

Freebies: if you're looking for freebies you'll be able to find them in their designated section here

Discussions: Here’s where you’ll find info about merchants, user stories and community chit chat. Whether gaming is your thing or you just want to ask about shipping costs, jump in and say hello.

When you submit something on hotukdeals, you can choose where you think the content should go.

  • A Deal is usually a single product or product line which is discounted, or a sale across multiple product lines at a single store.
  • A Voucher is usually a code which, when applied at checkout gives you an additional discount on the original price.
  • A Freebie is technically a deal which is completely free, with no postal costs or financial outlay at all. You can submit these in the Deal section, as long as there's no price included it'll be moved automatically to the Freebie category by adding that tag. 
  • Discussions are general conversations about anything, including sale rumours, chat about upcoming releases, user questions and other miscellaneous topics

Highlights, hot, new and discussed 

Once you've chosen whether you want to browse deals, vouchers or all content, you can reorder the listings using the following tab:

The Hot tab shows you all deals as they're voted hot by our users; it's ordered with the most recent deal to go Hot right at the top of the list. This deals in this tab move quickly, with dozens of changes to the list every hour, but if you have the time it showcases truly amazing emerging deals before they're selected for the Highlights tab

The New tab shows brand new content in chronological order. The newest deals don't show a temperature yet; that's because we think it's fairer for users to vote on content without being unduly influenced by other voters. This is a good place to look if you want to find emerging, fresh offers and beat the crowds to those short-lived offers.

The Discussed tab shows threads which are generating conversation, the top thread on this tab is the thread which received the most recent comment on site. This is a good place to find busy discussions and get stuck in to the community aspect of hotukdeals.

Custom shows you deals matching criteria you set for yourself using the filter options on this page. 

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