Our running costs are covered by affiliate fees and sponsored placement fees, which we sometimes earn money from if a user buys or sees a product on our site. Whether a deal earns commission or not doesn't influence how we describe it, or the votes it receives on our site. Our community is and has always been the focus and we never compromise that regardless of how we earn our running costs.

Affiliate Fees: Some merchants, retailers or suppliers will pay a small commission if a deal is purchased via our platform. This means if you buy something you see on hotukdeals, we might earn a percentage fee from the merchant in exchange for referring the sale. Affiliate fees like this are very common and used on the majority of content websites like ours.

We feel it's important to be transparent with our users about this and so we added info to all of our deals and to our site footer to help you understand and identify outgoing links, and to clarify that links on our site are monetised in this way.

Sponsored Label: Partners sometimes pay us to show their hottest deals to more people on our site. We use the "Sponsored" label so you can easily identify this kind of content.

Of course, despite these deals on site being part of a commercial arrangement, it is always up to the community to decide through the voting system whether a deal is hot enough to be promoted, and editors don't post any deals in the first place without being sure it is market-leading as well as meeting other quality criteria.

Because of this quality criteria, as well as our focus on maintaining a neutral platform, we don't allow merchants to post directly on site.

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Why work with merchants in this way? While it's clear the community are our focus, we also feel there's a huge benefit to our members if we're able to collaborate with merchants to develop exciting, innovative deals for them. Our editor team specialise in certain categories, and with their experience and understanding of the community can work with merchants to shape and develop future deals and exclusives. They can also ensure we retain neutrality; the editors have the needs of the community at their core and will resist anything they feel compromises our users' trust or our platform integrity. 

If you need to speak to one of our on-site support teams, click here to message them.