If a significant change happened to a deal, such as a new price drop or additional discount, our team can add an update with this new information which re-pushes the thread to the hot page. 

This means our users don’t miss out when a good deal becomes even better.


The icon which looks like a cardiogram shows the time a deal was picked, either manually or automatically, for the highlights page.Find out more about how our highlights page works


To help you understand when an offer is scheduled to end, the expires label and associated icon is used.


The Local label helps you to identify deals which were found offline or are only available to certain locations. You can filter Local deals out of your layout using your Filter when logged in.

"Ships from"

Some deals on our site aren't shipped from within the UK, they might ship from abroad and their may then be delays or import duties. You can identify these threads by looking out for the "Ships From" label, and jumping into the comments to find out more information.


We use the Sponsored label to help you identify Sponsored content on our site. You can find out more about what this means on our dedicated information page


We use the Pin icon to help you identify a pinned deal. These stay in a static place for a short period of time, largely to ensure our users don't miss out on important information or deals we think they'll want to see. Find out more about how pinned posts work


This deal was created exclusively for hotukdeals users by our editors in collaboration with our partnership management team and retailers or suppliers. These deals are negotiated to get you an awesome price without compromising the integrity of our platform.

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