Why do we use groups?

With such a huge amount of deals on our site, it used to be tricky for users to connect with conversations or products that actually appealed to them. Groups help to connect you not only to the products you care about, but also with like-minded, knowledgeable community members, many of who are happy to answer product or performance related questions or provide their opinion and recommendations.

So whether you're generally interested in a wide range of products (such as "Fashion") or you're more focused on niche items, you can find what you're looking for and get alerted when similar items are posted later (see Notifications)

Posting a deal using Groups:

We built out our categories so each deal or promo code is now assigned to one main group - this helps our users to search for and find content they actually care about. Each deal or promo code must be part of at least one main Group.

Groups allow you a more refined sorting: the groups serve to display, according to your needs, all deals for a category of products. 

When you post a deal, Groups are usually suggested automatically based on the title of your deal. 

If you need to speak to one of our on-site support teams, click here to message them.