Our team will always communicate the reason why a deal was removed.

There may be many reasons that a deal you posted is no longer visible.

  • It may be in moderation- we check most deals before validating and publishing. We try to do this as quickly as possible.
  • If it is a duplicate, you are automatically redirected to the previously posted deal and you'll receive a notification alerting you to this fact.
  • When information is missing, we sometimes contact you to ask for more details - watch your Private Message inbox if you just posted your deal but don't yet see it live.
  • Some merchants aren’t permitted on our site. If you post a deal for one of these merchants, you might see an error on submission. Alternatively, the Community Support team will contact you directly. Find our about why some merchants are not permitted.
  • If you're a merchant or you represent a brand, you cannot post directly on the platform and shouldn't attempt to do so. See the "related articles" at the bottom of this page for how merchants can share content.
  • We also automatically delete all deals that do not comply with our rules. You can check here 

If your deal is deleted you’ll receive a message from us to explain the reasons. 

If you need to speak to one of our on-site support teams, click here to message them.