We try to keep the rules simple, balanced and easy-to-understand so that everyone can enjoy the platform.

If you choose not to follow those rules, you may be sent a warning or you may be suspended from the platform;

  • We always make sure to provide a clear reason for any warning we’re sending.
  • Repeatedly failing to follow our rules can lead to a temporary suspension or, for the worst actions your account may be permanently banned.

Permanent bans are never treated lightly by our community support team, they're only issued for the most serious infractions which include but are not limited to;

  • Repeated violation of the general Rules and Regulations
  • Trying to break or interfere with hotukdeals and it’s usability
  • Creating multiple usernames specifically to avoid user account restrictions or suspensions
  • Any malicious use of hotukdeals including but not limited to it's messaging service, api, tools and features and web platform
  • Being abusive to our staff


It is quite common for users to try logging in with an e-mail address other than their active account. If you receive a message on the login page telling you your account is banned but you're sure you have an active account, do always double check the email address you're trying to use. Go through your emails and find the email associated with your account and then use that to log in to hotukdeals. 

If you were permanently banned, you're still able to exercise your rights, delete your account and download your data. Here's the guidelines on how to do that

If you read through the above, including the guidelines and you still aren't clear on why you were banned, please contact us and we'll get back to you.