The most active users can add information directly into a deal. If you have important information to add, you can click on "Add information" below the deal when it appears. Any additional information you add will appear at the bottom of the description, in a dedicated section. 

We ask you to use this feature respectfully; only add information if you genuinely have something worthwhile to contribute to the thread. It also helps if you leave a comment outlining the extra info you've provided, and where you sourced it.

If you do not see the “Add Information” option, you can instead add your expertise as a comment in the relevant thread. You can tag the poster of the thread and ask them to update their info as well, by typing @USERNAME - this will send an alert to the user.

We also have a group of users (selected by us based on their posting history) able to add content to descriptions. They will not overwrite any existing content but instead will include their update at the bottom of the thread description. You will know when they've done this as they will sign it off with their own username above the content. 

If you need to speak to one of our on-site support teams, click here to message them.