How do I post a deal?

To be able to post a deal or a discussion, you need to be logged in. Click the "+ Submit" button located at the top right of the menu bar, and choose the type of post you would like to submit. Deals are divided into 2 categories: Deals and Vouchers.

Deals are what drive our community - from flash sales to single, market-leading items from a massive range of categories.

Vouchers are often used to make those deals even more competitive; a voucher is usually a code which can be applied at checkout to add a further discount to your basket. 

When you post a deal, fill in all of fields in the deal submission form. You'll be guided through these on the multi-step submission form. 

Freebies must be completely free and not incur any additional costs (such as shipping). To show these as free, make sure FREEBIES is selected as the category group before hitting submit. 

When you post a discount code, you will have to specify whether it gives you a monetary discount, a percentage reduction on the sale price or a free delivery.

Once your deal is posted, it will usually be checked quickly by the moderator team before going live. If your thread doesn’t adhere to our site rules or regulations, we reserve the right not to publish it. We’ll let you know if this happens and the reasons why.

What should I check before submitting my deal ?

Run a quick price comparison and check your deal is actually a deal! Sometimes merchants inflate their RRPs to make discounts look bigger than they actually are. 

If the seller isn’t from the UK, be aware we might need to make a few more checks before your deal goes live. From your side though, check there aren’t big import fees that could compromise the value of your deal, and make sure that the deal actually ships to the UK.

How do I choose the next best price ?

It’s good practise to use the next best price in your listing to indicate how good a deal your item really is. Don’t use inflated RRP to do this though; run a price comparison and stick to true value of the next available best price for that product. 

If you need to speak to one of our on-site support teams, click here to message them.