Once a deal is posted and users start shopping for that item or commenting, they need an anchor point or reference to return to if things don’t work out well with their purchase. As such, unless a deal thread breaches our site rules we usually won't delete it. The exception to this is in the first few minutes after you submit the thread; in case you made a mistake or found an error in your listing there's a short window in which you can delete your deal.

Our community are the most valuable aspect of our site, and removing established threads when our users are actively engaging, commenting and sharing their insights would be detrimental to the users who took the time to get involved.


If you change your mind about a comment you posted, on our UK platform you can delete it or make edits to your comment. We advise users not to publish personal information in comments, and will remove any comments which are reported for containing anything which breaches our site rules. 

For information on deleting your user account or social profiles, and concerning your user data please check the "related articles" at the bottom of the page. 

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