Hot vs Cold The temperature indicates the opinion of the community on a deal: each member can give a positive vote ("hot") or negative ("cold") - their combined votes add up to give a higher or lower temperature. A deal with a high temperature is therefore acclaimed by the community; good value for money, best price for a given service, interesting or exciting offer.

The temperature is subjective - you can often find an interesting deal for yourself even if the community did not rate it well, and vice versa!

Be nice! Remember, if you’re voting on someones deal it’s common courtesy to leave a polite comment, especially if you voted negatively.

New Deals When a deal is published on the site, its temperature is masked by the term "New" for a duration of 10 minutes so that votes are not influenced at the beginning. By this, we mean that sometimes a single cold vote on a new deal can encourage users to copy and vote cold en-masse without actually forming their own opinion on the deal. 

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