Double check your alerts are enabled properly in your alerts centre. Also, if you're using the app, check your notifications are enabled via your profile settings.

Our alerts system only matches with keywords:

  1. Which match phrases used in the deal titles such as "XBOX"
  2. Which match the name of the groups assigned to the deal such as "Gaming"
  3. Which match the name of the merchant that may be assigned to them (providing there's a dedicated page for the merchant on the platform) such as "Amazon"
  • We only show results that exactly match with the keyword that was set up as an alert, i.e. if the name is slightly different or misspelled in the deal title, the alert will not be triggered.
  • All alert results older than 30 days are automatically deleted from the feed.

You aren't able to create an infinite amount of Alerts; if you hit the limit, you'll be notified; you can then delete some alerts or replace them.

If you need to speak to one of our on-site support teams, click here to message them.