From time to time we might decide to place temporary restrictions on an account if we believe you're voting in a manner not conducive to promoting good community spirit. 

This website relies on users posting deals for the benefit of all of us. All time is precious so we should use the voting as it was intended to be used. We give the deal a hot vote if we believe it is a great deal and a cold vote if we believe the deal isn't all that.   

While we do not insist users leave a comment when voting cold, we believe doing so helps the deal poster (and wider community) know why a thread is attracting the votes it is. 

We consider some of these to be abuses of the voting functionality: 

  • Excessively high hot or cold voting
  • Voting in very quick succession (so you cannot possibly consider the deal)
  • Targeting a specific user or category of deals

Our process will see us always messaging you first to explain what we're seeing and if we see no improvements we'll then apply a block.

If you need to speak to one of our on-site support teams, click here to message them.