You can report poor conduct or inflammatory behaviour simply by using the "report" function - here's how to do that

Our moderation team will be automatically notified.

While it can be challenging to stay calm under pressure, we encourage you not to retaliate or engage in negativity on site. Avoid confrontation and don't rise to any baiting or aggressive behaviour. Leave it to the moderator team to solve the problem for you and don't get dragged into any arguments.

Remember, behind every username is a real person. Comments made on forums can often be misconstrued and it's always better to step away and take a moment if something riles you. Think twice before posting retaliatory remarks; always try to be the better person in that sort of situation.

If a user is sending you PMs or harassing you via the messaging function, of course our moderators will be able to help you with that; please use the Contact section to specify the details and request support. You can also mute this user directly on their profile or through your inbox. A muted users will not be able to send you any more message and their comments will be collapsed.

If you need to speak to one of our on-site support teams urgently, click here to message them.