If you decide your username is no longer for you, you're able to change this. As of June 2023 you can only change this on the web version (not app) of hotukdeals. To make the change: 

  1. Click your avatar (top right) and then once it drops down, click settings. 
  2. It should default to 'Profile' but if not, select this. 
  3. Under your avatar image you should see 'Change username'. 
  4. Go ahead and change your username here and once done click 'Update username'. 

Please note - usernames can only be changed by you once every 6 months. If there is a compelling reason for it to be changed again you can send a support request to the team using the contact form. 

We do not allow the following in usernames so please do avoid them:

  • Swear words or offensive content
  • Impersonation of other people or users
  • Names connected with our business (eg. hotukdealsHenry, PepperDeals etc)
  • While we currently allow it, some special characters might cause issues for your profile when loading pages

If you need to speak to one of our on-site support teams, click here to message them.