Is it possible to edit my deal once it has been released?

Yes, you can edit your tips and discussions as much as you want as long as the deal does not fundamentally differ from the one you first posted (eg, not change the merchant or the product).

If a member of the moderation team is already modifying your deal, you will have to wait a few minutes before you can make any further changes yourself. When editing information in a deal or discussion, remember to mention the changes made so that other members know what you have added or removed. We ask members to not change the fundamental basis (price, merchant etc) of a deal as it is likely the votes already placed were not for that new information. If a fundamental detail like this changes, it's likely your thread will be expired.

The changes are subject to a moderation audit just like the deals and discussions. 

Is it possible to add information to a deal posted by another person?

Only the most active users can add information directly into a deal. If you have important information to add, you can click on "Add information" below the deal when it appears.

If you do not see the “Add Information” option, you can also add your expertise as a comment in the relevant thread. You can tag the poster of the thread and ask them to update their info as well, by typing @USERNAME

We have a group of forum helpers that assist users by adding updates to descriptions. They'll be recognisable by a title on their profile so you know who this group is. 

Why expire / re-activate a deal?

You can find out all about why deals are expired and how to unexpire them in our dedicated section

If you need to speak to one of our on-site support teams, click here to message them.